Emily Tryon, RN, is the CEO and founder of Esthetic Solutions® Med Spa and Esthetic Breakthrough Training®. Emily is a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in vascular and aesthetic medicine. She is highly skilled in every cosmetic injectable procedure in the United States, including BOTOX®, KYBELLA®, JUVÉDERM®, Sculptra®, and Restylane® products, among others.‌

According to Allergan Benchmarking, Emily Tryon, RN, CEO achieved the Top 7% of Cosmetic Injectors Nationwide before her third year in business. In 2018, Emily ranked in the Top 1% of Cosmetic Injectors Nationwide.‌ Before starting Esthetic Solutions Med Spa, she spent 15 years as a registered nurse, clocking 12-hour shifts in the intensive care unit before reaching emotional burnout. Although Emily was a registered nurse, she only had basic training in the aesthetic techniques she wanted to perform, so she invested in educating herself at workshops and seminars by the top cosmetic injectors in the world at that time.‌ Emily then rented a 150-square-foot space and opened her med spa in 2013.

Emily built her business without investors from the ground up and defied odds by achieving $1 million in revenue as a single-chair injector by word of mouth and with the help of one assistant before year five.‌ In 2018, Emily began traveling across the United States, training physicians, nurses, and dentists on the techniques she created—the TryTOX® Methods. Emily created the TryTOX Methods—customized patient solutions, a series of educational methodologies, and easily learned by practitioners, causing a marked confidence boost in the injector’s artistic ability to ensure a natural look for the patient—designed to correct, perfect, and maintain.‌

Emily's gentle and advanced techniques and educational methodologies are unique to the combination therapies she developed and now trains other medical providers nationwide through Esthetic Breakthrough Training.‌ Emily's mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the medical, retail, and artistic approach to cosmetic injectables. This will consistently leave their patients inspired, nurtured, and connected to what is possible for their best outcomes.‌

Emily Tryon, RN, CEO is a passionate educator and inspirational speaker within the medical aesthetic industry, specializing in The Art of the Million Dollar Consultation®. With her extensive medical and business knowledge in aesthetic medicine, Emily shares her passion for mentoring and transforming the conversation from practitioner to patient, one consultation at a time.


Emily Tryon, RN, CEO, has an impressive presence that has earned her recognition in numerous esteemed publications. She has been showcased in renowned publications for her knowledge in aesthetics, including Valley Lifestyles, AZ Foothills Trendsetters, Compendium by The Business of Dentistry, and QP by AmSpa.

Her wealth of expertise in the business of aesthetic medicine has been featured in online articles, on Linkedin, and even on the prestigious Forbes platform. Notably, Tryon's contributions extend beyond articles, as she has been referenced in the book, "Tiny Business Big Money" by Elaine Pofeldt.

Additionally, her insights into aesthetic medicine and business strategies can be explored on the website of Julia Pimsleur, further highlighting her impactful presence across various media platforms.
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A renowned national aesthetic medicine and cosmetic injector trainer, Emily Tryon, RN, CEO, is well known for her developed TryTOX® Methods. As a dedicated educator and business growth strategist, she not only imparts her wisdom through her training courses but also serves as a mentor and leader for The Million Dollar Women Masterclass.

With a passion for sharing her knowledge, Tryon has taken her training courses to various corners of the country, conducting on-location sessions in Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and beyond. Her focus is training on cosmetic injectables and best business practices. Her course, The Art of the Million Dollar Consultation®, has left lasting impressions and measurable growth for her client's success.

Her commitment to empowering others with her teachings knows no bounds, as she continues to inspire and educate from coast to coast.


Emily Tryon, RN, CEO stands as a distinguished and accomplished public speaker with a notable record of multiple engagements at various symposiums.

In 2019, she delivered a workshop at the IECSC Convention in Las Vegas, focused on The Art of the Million Dollar Consultation®. Her dedication to sharing knowledge about the business of aesthetic medicine has extended to events like the IECSC Convention in New York City, the AmSpa Medical Spa Show in Las Vegas, the AmSpa Bootcamp in Phoenix, and the Million Dollar Women Summit in New York City. In addition to speaking appearances, Tryon also participated as a mentor and leader in the Million Dollar Women Virtual Summit.‌

Tryon was a keynote speaker at The Aesthetic Blueprint™ Immersion Seminar in Newport Beach, solidifying her reputation as an influential figure in the field of aesthetic medicine.
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Guest appearances by, Emily Tryon, RN, CEO, exemplify her dedication to educating on the business of aesthetic medicine and fostering meaningful discussions across various platforms in the aesthetic and business industry. Tryon has made notable guest appearances on radio shows, podcasts, and virtual webinars. She has shared her aesthetic knowledge on Networking Arizona with Carol Blonder, and delved into topics covered in her Forbes article with Miriam Shaviv on the Brainstorm Aesthetics podcast and with Angie Raja on the Female Founder Exxperience podcast. Tryon has sat as a panelist for the "How to Create a Tiny Business that Makes Big Money" Conference at the New York Public Library and the Women Entrepreneurs of New York City, with Elaine Pofeldt.

Tryon has been a guest several times on the Power 45 podcast hosted by Julia Pimsleur, where her valuable contributions as a businesswoman and entrepreneur resonated with the audience in the "Female Founders Who Went Big" episode. Tryon's commitment extends beyond her businesses, aiming to enhance people's confidence in all realms of the aesthetic and small business industry.